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Litter and plastics specifically are a world wide problem. WasteTime takes on that challenge.

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WasteTime is a platform developed for and by litter collectors. You will find them in any shapes and forms and young to old. All days of the week they are active around. What they have in common is their involvement with life on earth.

A part of the litter collectors operates on its own, others prefer to work in a group. They collect the litter, often aware of the fact that businesses and individuals have left it behind in their living environment. They spend their time in fresh air for a better environment.

As everyone is aware by now, litter and specifically (micro) plastics are a world wide problem. They are ever present in our surroundings and their amounts increase on a daily basis. Luckily, there are concerned people who tackle this problem daily! WasteTime is there for those people and offers a platform to collect the litter and make their successes visible by tuning the world more green.

Get started in collecting litter in your area and become part of WasteTime.nl!

What does WasteTime do?

WasteTime is an independent platform for litter collectors. To make visible what they do for the environment this platform has been developed independently and for free.

Why not recycle?

There are plenty of opportunities for re-use.

How much litter is there?

In nature enormous amounts of litter can be found.

What does the industry do?

Still billions of packagings are being produced.