Time for a cleaner world, time for WasteTime!

Litter, and more so the act of littering, is a considerable issue that negatively affects life on our beautiful planet.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find an area without a single piece of trash, plastic, chewing gum or other waste lying around, waiting to be picked up as quick decomposition is mostly out of the question. Whereas the core of this problem is perhaps not something that individuals can directly challenge as it is a responsibility of large packaging manufacturers, those who actually use and distribute this packaging, and also those who do not dispose of the consequential waste properly, we can still attempt to make a change by putting our good spirit and intentions to use in the collection and picking up of waste found on the side of the roads, parks, beaches, or other places in our surroundings.

Cleaner World

So instead of leaving the fight for a better and cleaner world up to bigger and more rigorous organisations such as Greenpeace you yourself can step in and join with a small act of kindness which you can be as impactful as you like, depending on your personal means! You can do so by joining those people who do in fact overcome or ignore the feeling of slight embarrassment and overthinking that one might experience in cleaning up after someone unfamiliar. This enables them to make an effort to clean up the trash that those strangers (strangers to manners as well, really) have left to wilt, whether this is picking up a single piece of litter and disposing it in a nearby bin or dedicating a more significant amount of their time and using serious means such as waste prods to make their surroundings waste-free. After all, if we all picked up at least 1 piece of trash a day, the problem might be diminished faster.

Growing Community

Whereas ultimately we would prefer to see a decrease in the actual production of packaging, which turns into waste, and for the local council to join in cleaning up rather than mowing the public lawns without first removing the litter, we love to see and unite the power of those who embrace the cleaning-up spirit! Therefore, to enrich your personal journey of litter-picking and contributing to a cleaner planet, feel free to join WasteTime. Through this platform you can connect with a growing community of waste-pickers and share your valuable efforts with them and inspire the rest of the world to perform similar acts of kindness to our precious environment. So, what remains for you to do is claim your litter-picking area of choice and register yourself on WasteTime.nl, it only takes seconds!