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    Questions & Answers

    Which information needs to be filled out during registration?

    During registration you enter your e-mailaddress and a personal password. More information is not asked from you.

    What happens with my data?

    The personal information you fill out (email address) is only visible to you, other users or visitors of the platform – with the exception of the platform managers – cannot see this data. The information is NOT shared with any other parties.

    What is the best way to create an area?

    We advise you NOT to create an area that is larger than your litter collection area. You can always create multiple smaller areas within your account. When you create an area that is large it is unlikely that you will remove all the litter within that area within a single time of collection. When you update a large area you create the impression that this is actually the case, while you’ve only collected in a small area.

    TIP: It is useful to use the satelite view when creating a collection area. This allows you to see any possible demarcation visibly.

    What if my area crosses an area that is already in use?

    This is no problem. Areas may cross or overlap with one another.

    How do you know how many kilos I have collected?

    Of the collected litter in the period 01-01-2020 to 01-05-2020 we took regular measurements. Following these measurements we took an average weight per killogram of litter. This concerns litter from both residential and living environments. The weight is thus determined on the amount of bags and volume that you provide.

    Why do you not register the litter I collect, while other apps do so?

    We are of the opinion that is never wise to physically touch the litter. Therefore, we decided to touch the litter as little as possible with the exception of the grabbers. Litter may be infected with bacteria or chemicals which are hazardous for living organisms. Therefore, we recommend to avoid contact and to wash your hands and underarms carefully to avoid any potential cross-contamination!

    TIP: Do you want to share any special findings then Twitter and Instagram are the available platforms. But make sure that you work safely!