Why WasteTime?

Litter is a world wide problem. Luckily there are people who tackle this problem on a daily basis. WasteTime.nl is developed for those litter collectors and offers a platform to make the collection of litter both visible and more attractive. Moreover, these activities become visible for the people around.

Our mission

The collection of litter is a personal activity for most. You can enjoy being outside whenever you want to. This is something we can only recommend. Yet, experience teaches us that you come across WasteTimers on a rare basis. Therefore, it is good to know that others are active in your area. A potential area overlap becomes visible through WasteTime straight away. When you decide to use WasteTime, you can easily see this. Moreover, you can see how long ago someone was active in your area. Was this recently, or has a month already passed since?

WasteTime wants to share the knowledge and experiences around litter collection on a wider basis. As a registered WasteTimer you keep track of the litter you collected on your personal page. Moreover, you can add where you collected said litter. This information is and remains personal to you. However, once you’ve updated this information, it will be added to the homepage and collection statistics. This allows us to see our collective collection and progress.

Because we believe that WasteTimers are well-aware of what they collect, we have decided not to become a platform on which exact registration of the different collected materials are kept. As known we collect litter, wear the necessary protection to do so and need to be cautious of potential infections or diseases by coming into contact with the collected litter. As a result, we advice to wear gloves and possibly breathig protection when carrying out your works, as to protect to risk of infection as much as possible. Are there any doubts on the litter you plan to remove, then please do not take any risk and notify your findings to a professional who is well-equiped to remove any dangerous materials.